The Brass Fork

Kitchen and Bar


Brass Fork

The Brass Fork

Kitchen and Bar

Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner

The 194-seat Brass Fork is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and features an extensive menu of breakfast, lunch and dinner items; a wide-ranging beverage program that includes a full-service seated bar and a dedicated pastry shop to serve up incredible house made sweets at your table or to take home.

Brass Fork Breakfast


Guests can indulge in a variety of breakfast offerings including:

  • Traditional as well as more adventurous omelets such as the Miso crab or chicken enchilada;
  • Classic café breakfast fare such as Eggs Benny, hashes, chicken fried steak and ham chops and eggs;
  • Pancakes, waffles and French toast served up traditional or with a twist such as the Peach cobbler pancakes, waffle-pressed donuts with bacon, maple and coffee icing or funnel cake French toast;
  • Healthy and vegan items such as the Vegan Loco Moco, chia seed pudding and gluten-free pancakes.

Brass Fork Dinner

Lunch and Dinner

Lunch And Dinner Fare:

  • Sandwiches and burgers are plentiful on the menu including Panini Grilled cheese and the Muffaletta sandwich featuring Italian meats, cheese and relishes as well as the French onion or Surf and Turf burgers to name a few;
  • Entrees like New York steak frites, BBQ meatballs on a bed of Mac & Cheese noodles and classics such as meatloaf, hearth oven brick chicken and fish and chips will be served daily.

Brass Fork Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth Cravings

  • An ice-cream cone station will offer a variety of soft serve flavors inside house-made waffle cones dipped in chocolate with a choice of fun candy shop favorite toppings;
  • Gigantic chocolate-covered apples decorated and dipped with a variety of toppings;
  • Ice cream sundaes, salted caramel brownie parfait and red velvet cake;
  • And before you leave, check out the pastry shop that features a variety of muffins, cookies, cakes, macaroons and donuts.


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